This mask is not a medical device within the scope of Directive 93/42/CEE or Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (respiratory protective devices EN149:2001 FFP2).

- All AirPop masks are certified according to KN95 (GB2626: 2006/2019) 


- Always check that the mask is correctly fitted and covers the nose,  mouth, and chin. It is recommended that this mask be worn on bare skin;  beards can reduce the filtration efficiency to below the limits set out.


-This mask does not replace protective measures (regular hand-washing or social distancing (reduced contact with other people). It minimizes the projection of the user's respiratory droplets saliva into the environment and provides the wearer with an effective barrier against droplets from the external origin. 

Are the ear strings adjustable?  

Currently the earloops of the Active, Original and Light SE are adjustable. The earloops for the Pocket and Kids are not adjustable at this moment. We expect the Pocket mask to have adjustable earloops in January 2021.

Does your mask protect you from Covid  / Do your masks work against viruses? 

It would be incorrect to say that any mask can protect you against Covid-19 / or viruses as wearing a mask is only one of the appropriate controls to be implemented, including social distancing, good hand hygiene and adequate ventilation.


All masks are certainly not created equally and in 2015 AirPop sought to redesign a civilian use mask that didn’t compromise on critical performance measures yet was easy to wear all day if needed.


Good mask performance as determined by WHO is achieved when the three essential parameters of Fit, Filtration and Breathability are optimized at the preferred thresholds and AirPop exceeds all parameters of even the very latest WHO Guidance.


All AirPop masks use a unique combination of professional-grade electrostatically charged filter medium and non-woven materials, un-rivaled in a civilian mask and have been subjected to rigorous 3rd party testing across the world including to USA ASTM F2100 Medical Mask performance standards.


In these tests we achieved the following filtration efficiencies:


ASTM F2299 / F2299M-03       Particle Filtration Efficiency 99.3%

ASTM F2101-19                       Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 99.9%


This video does a great job of explaining why and how the filtration technology we use works effectively at “trapping” even virus-laden particles:


Filtration efficiency alone is not enough to make a “good mask”. Fit is just as important, so we studied over 3000 different facial types from all over the world to define a unique ergonomic structure for our masks that follows the contours of the human face and adapts to maintain a good seal with the wearer’s movements and facial expressions.


AirPop masks also provide unparalleled comfort and breathability. Our patented 3D shaped “Air-Dome” structure holds the mask away from the wearer’s face, creating a pocket of cooler air that allows and the effective evaporation of exhaled moisture.

Are your masks classed as FFP2?

No, Airpop masks are not classed as FFP2 masks as there is a requirement by EU under CWA 17553:2020 (Community Barrier Mask Guidelines) to make a clear distinction between mask types.

One key reason is that there’s a mandatory requirement in the workplace for wearers of FFP2 to be annually fit tested and this is not the case with any other type of mask.




AirPop masks are conformity assessed using the same test methods as used for FFP2 Standard and our results in comparison to FFP2.



Are the masks latex-free?           

All AirPop masks are latex-free, all materials that your face can and will be in contact with are skin-friendly (ISO 10993-5 2009-10, tested by the Hohenstein Institute).


Are your masks eco-friendly?    

Our products are more durable than most disposable masks available on the market; all adult masks can be worn for 40 hours which, if used correctly, results in far less waste than masks that are made for one-time use or that should be changed after 4 - 5 hours.


Are your masks n95 or KN95 rated?          

No, our masks are not NIOSH N95 certified at this stage. Our masks are manufactured in the same factories as one of the leading N95 approved manufacturers and we adhere to the same rigorous material performance and quality controls as N95 masks.
AirPop masks exceed international mask material performance standards and European Community Barrier mask requirements in addition to being certified respirators in Asia.

Yes, all AirPop masks are certified according to KN95 (GB2626: 2006/2019)


The outer layer of all AirPop masks is 100% resistant to splashes and droplets of all kinds.

Test Method- ASTM F1862 / F1862M-17 (80mm Hg)

Al tests conducted by SGS Laboratories.

 Full reports available in the support section.


Are your masks washable/reusable?      


Each AirPop Light SE, Kids, Pocket, and refill filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of cumulative use.

To achieve this all masks should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours. 

Or alternatively, AirPop masks can also be hand washed with soap at 30°C and dried naturally >24 hours.

AirPop Light SE, Kids, Pocket, and refill filters can also be machine washed on a delicate wash at 40°C on 45 minute cycle with mild detergent for up to 10 times and in our own tests, filtration continues to exceed >70% efficiency


The exterior of all Original masks is impermeable to liquids so can be wiped down with a >70% alcohol unscented wipe or with a clean paper towel, soap, and water.

Each AirPop Original replaceable filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of wear time.

To achieve this all replaceable filters should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours. 


Active masks can be washed machine washed on a delicate detergent wash at 40° C on a 45-minute cycle and allowed to dry naturally >24 hours.

Each AirPop Active replaceable filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of wear time.

To achieve this all replaceable filters should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours.


NOTE: Remove the Halo sensor as per the instruction booklet before attempting to clean, wash or maintain your mask.

The Active+ mask outer (not the sensor) can be washed machine washed on a delicate detergent wash at 40° C on a 45-minute cycle and allowed to dry naturally >24 hours


Each AirPop Active+ replaceable filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of wear time.

To achieve this all replaceable filters should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours.


Do you need an additional filter when wearing your masks?       

Our Active and Original mask make use of a replaceable filter, which will easily snap into place in the soft outer shells. These replaceable filters are usable for up to 40 hours and feature a 360° seal to prevent any leakage. The Pocket-, Light SE- and Kids masks do not require an additional filter.

Do your masks meet FAA requirements? 


Up to this point, the FAA does not have special requirements for consumer masks, although we hear that often masks with valves are prohibited. Actually, there are nearly no requirements for consumer masks in general, usually different airlines decide on their own regulations at this point.


Do your masks fit a child who's younger than 3 years old?           

Unfortunately, our Kids masks are too big for children under the age of 3 years old. They will suit a child from approximately 3 years old until 12 years old.


Does this mask have a nose wire?           

Our AirPop products do not feature a nose wire in terms of a bendable element. However, all AirPop masks are equipped with a nose seal, the Pocket Mask for instance features an ergonomic foam that forms the contours of the wearer's face. This ergonomic foam ensures the mask to seal off any gaps that could occur around the nose-bridge to prevent leakage and also makes wearing this mask super comfortable!


For how many hours can I use your masks?         

You can wear our mask for up to 40 hours and after that, they have to be thrown away. The masks can be disinfected with a 70%+ alcohol solution from the inside and outside but still need to be thrown away after 40 hours.


How can I store your mask?        

When purchasing an AirPop product, all filters and disposable masks are packed in resealable bags to store the masks before they are being used. When using a mask, the Pocket- and Kids Masks are compatible with our unique storage case, to easily store the masks between wears. At this time we do not have a storage solution for our other masks, however, we recommend to store them in a well-ventilated area so that the masks stay clean and fresh! Please follow the instruction for use online and clean as advised between uses to keep you mask hygienic.



Does the feature "Filters 99% Droplets & Particles" only work for people who come in contact with the wearer of the mask or also towards the person wearing the mask?   

The materials used in Airpop masks have been tested to filter 99.9% of bacteria, 99.3% of particles, and the outer layer is 100% fluid resistant. This means they minimize the projection of your respiratory droplets into the environment and also provide you with the most effective barrier against respiratory droplets from others around you.


What are the recycling/disposal details?              

Unfortunately, at this time none of our AirPop products are recyclable, so the masks should be thrown out in general waste. However, we try to produce our products and packaging as eco-friendly as possible and care deeply about sustainability. Bear in mind that upon throwing out the mask it might contain contagious material such as bacteria or a virus, so we recommend to put the mask in some sort of cover (paper / plastic bag) to make sure this material cannot be transmitted by any leakage or accidental touching of the product. Another option would be to disinfect the interior and exterior of the mask with a 70%+ alcohol solution before disposing of it.


What are the sizes of your masks?          

Please see our sizing charts below or via this link.

What is the best model to help reduce fogging?              

Our Light SE mask, Original and Active mask help reduce fogging from glasses. The difference however is that our Light SE mask has a cushioned TPU nose seal, and our Original and Active masks have 360-degree sealing (so both on the nose and on the chin). So with those masks, when properly fitted, can help reduce fogging.


What is the difference between a Light SE and a Pocket mask?      

The difference between our Light SE and Pocket mask is that our Pocket mask has a unique ergo-foam that perfectly seals across the nose bridge and the Light SE mask has a unique cushioned TPU nose seal that supports easy positioning. You can see the difference if you scroll down on these pages: Light SE & Pocket.


What is the difference between a mask with a Halo Sensor and a mask without it?          

Our Halo Sensor is developed to monitor the way and amount you breathe. Paired with the AirPop app it will give you insights on how much and often you breathe and (if available in your location) how much air pollution your mask has filtered for you. It will give you a notice when your filter needs changing too. We are working hard to expand the functionality and convenience of the Halo Sensor for an even better breathing experience. The Active Smart masks with halo sensor will be available in the US only from January 2021


What material are your masks made of?              

All our masks and filters are built with 4 layers that block bacteria, dust & particulates with electrostatically charged. The unique outer layer protects, with the inner layer providing a skin-friendly and hypoallergenic environment. The masks have 4 layers but the electrostatically charged melt-blown layer is a “dual thickness” layer.


Where are your masks made?   

Our masks are originally a Chinese brand, and also produced in China. You can find out more about AirPop via this link:


Why do Active masks cost more?     

The Active mask includes 4 replaceable filters, which equals 160 hours of filtration. The active shell is made from innovative airknit material which is formed into a dome shape, the aerodome. This combination of material and form ensures a comfortable fit and the most breathable mask we have available. The AirPop Active mask is suitable for all your daily routines including workouts. The replaceable filters feature a patented 360° seal to prevent any leakage while wearing the mask.


Why do the Original masks cost more?  

The Original mask includes 4 replaceable filters, which equals 160 hours of filtration. The original shell is made from a durable soft microfiber material that is formed into a seamless dome shape, the aerodome. This combination of material and form ensures a comfortable fit. The replaceable filters feature a patented 360° seal to prevent any leakage while wearing the mask.

The filters in my Active and Original don’t fit securely, how do I fix this?  

The filter self-registers into the soft shell by attaching to the molded pegs.
These are precisely engineered to avoid using buttons or fastenings that could cause any abrasion on your skin.

To fit the filter securely, press firmly with your fingernail edge as indicated in the diagram below.


How do I know if my purchase was successful?

An email with an order confirmation will be sent to the email address that was given when completing the order. If you haven't received your order confirmation, please check your spam folder. If you haven’t received your order confirmation, please contact us by emailing us and we come back to you as soon as possible!


Can I adjust my order?

Our goal is to send all orders as quickly as possible. Usually, an order is being handled as early as 15 minutes after the order has been placed. Therefore, it’s infrequently that we have the possibility to adjust your order. If you want to adjust your order, please send us an email, with the following information: 1. Order number or the email address that you used when you placed your order. 2. What you wish to change in your order.


Does COVID-19 have an impact on my package delivery?

Due to the impact of the coronavirus and the mandates in place, your order will most likely be delayed. This delay is due to several factors, including travel restrictions, available staffing, and/or federal/state/local mandates. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


Is my payment safe?

Your transaction and payment information is handled directly by our payment providers with secure encryption under strict banking standards. Your credit card information is sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or seen by anyone other than your bank, not even by AirPop.


Did my payment go through?

Our payment process includes multiple control steps to maximize safety. If your payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation email within 24 hours. If you haven't received your order confirmation, please check your spam folder. Have you not received the email? Write to us by sending an email to


I still haven't received my refund; how long time does it take?

It takes 1-5 business days for the money to be refunded after we have initiated the refund. The funds will automatically be refunded to the account the payment was made from.


Which payment options do you accept?

We accept several payment options. You can see available options when completing your order under the section called Select payment method. Please find the available payment methods below. 1. Check/Money order, 2. Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), 3. SEPA Direct Debit, 4. PayPal, 5. iDEAL


I have received the wrong item, what do I do?

We are sorry that we have sent you an item that is different from what you have ordered. Please contact us by emailing to, and we will do everything we can to correct our mistake.


I have received a damaged item, what do I do?

If you have received a delivery containing a damaged item, we apologize for that! Please contact us by sending us an email, and we will make sure to help you as fast as we can!


How do I exchange/return my order?

Due to payment reasons, we cannot exchange your product for another product. Our apologies for the inconvenience. If you wish to return your order, please send it back to us and we will handle your return as soon as we receive it. Please note that you need to pay for the return cost.

Include the following return information on a note together with your return.


Return information:

Full name

Order number

Please write ‘’ on your package


Return address German/EU Warehouse:


Belgische Allee 52 + 54

53842 Troisdorf, Germany


Return address US Warehouse:


223 Millboro Industrial Park Rd

Millboro, VA 24460-2136, USA



Import duties & customs

Items shipped within the EU are shipped on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that all relevant import taxes and duties will be included in the final purchase price. Non-EU countries may be subject to VAT and customs duties once the package reaches its destination. You will be responsible for the payment of such import duties and taxes. AirPop is not responsible for any changes in currency value or conversion rates that your bank or credit card company may use when charging in your country’s currency. If you have any further questions regarding VAT and customer duties, please contact your local customs office for more information.


Delivery & tracking

Once your parcel has left our warehouse you will receive an email with a shipping confirmation. Depending on the shipping alternative you have selected, the parcel will be delivered to your home address or to your nearest pickup point. In the confirmation email, you will find all relevant information regarding your parcel and how to track it. 

Please note that it might take up to 48 hours for your tracking number to be activated. 


When will my order be shipped?

Our warehouse will process your order as fast as possible. We will send your order on the following business day, assuming the item you have ordered is available in stock. You will receive an email with shipping confirmation once your parcel has left our warehouse. 


How long is your delivery time?

Our goal is always to have your order delivered as fast as possible. The estimated delivery time is stated for each shipping alternative at the section "Shipping info" when completing your order. Please note that the estimated delivery time is an estimate and that the time may vary depending on external factors that AirPop and its shipping partner cannot control. These factors may include but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions, technical faults, customs delays, etc. Please note that delivery times may be longer than usual during promotions. Packages are normally not transported during weekends and local holidays.


Where is my parcel being sent from?

We are sending our packaging from our warehouse in Germany or the USA. To guarantee the fastest delivery as possible, we ship your parcel from one of our warehouses which is nearest your location.