Does the Halo also fit on other masks? 

No, presently the Halo Sensor is designed to work only with the Active+ Mask and is not available as a separate accessory.

With which mobile devices is the Active+ mask compatible?    

AirPOP Halo App is available to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Halo App is compatible with Apple iPhone devices running iOS 12.0 or later and Android devices running OS 5.0 or later. Please check the app store for compatibility with your own device prior to purchasing the AirPOP Active+ mask.

Click here to download the Apple iOS app 

Click here to download the Android app

Do you need to charge the Halo?            

No, it works with coin battery CR1632. The battery normally functions for up to 6 months.

Does this mask protect against COVID-19 and other viruses?    

First and foremost: it would be incorrect to say that any mask can protect you against Covid-19 / or viruses as wearing a mask is only one of the appropriate controls to be implemented, including social distancing, good hand hygiene and adequate ventilation. However, good mask performance as determined by WHO is achieved when the three essential parameters of Fit, Filtration and Breathability are optimized at the preferred thresholds and AirPop exceeds all parameters of even the very latest WHO Guidance. AirPop masks provide unparalleled comfort and breathability and have >99% bacterial and particle filtration. Our patented 3D shaped “Air-Dome” structure holds the mask away from the wearer’s face, creating a pocket of cooler air that allows the and the effective evaporation of exhaled moisture.

Can you wash this mask?            

Please remove Halo sensor before washing the mask. 

Active and Active+ Halo Smart masks can be washed machine washed on a delicate detergent wash at 40° C on a 45-minute cycle and allowed to dry naturally >24 hours.

Each AirPop Active replaceable filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of wear time.

To achieve this all replaceable filters should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours.

Can you wash the filters?           

Each AirPop Light SE, Kid, Pocket mask and refill filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of cumulative use.

To achieve this all masks should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours. 

Or alternatively, AirPop masks and refill filters can also be hand washed with soap at 30°C and dried naturally >24 hours.

AirPop Light SE, Kid, Pocket mask and refill filter can also be machine washed on a delicate wash at 40°C on 45-minute cycle with mild detergent for up to 10 times and in our own tests, filtration continues to exceed >70% efficiency

Can I use this mask while exercising?   

Yes, the Active and Active+ Halo Smart masks are designed for comfort, breathability and for the purpose of active outdoor lifestyles. If at any point while wearing the mask during exercise you feel ill, please remove the mask.

Does this mask have adjustable earloops?         


How can I clean the Halo sensor?           

The Halo Sensor can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or can be dried with a clean lint free cloth.

Is this mask suitable for children?          

The Active+ Halo Smart Mask is designed for adults, please visit our size chart here to see which measurements fit the mask best: 

What is included in the packaging?       

What is the size of this mask?   

The Active+ Halo Smart Mask is designed for adults, please visit our size chart here to see which measurements fit the mask best: 

Why is this mask so expensive?              

The Active+ Halo Smart mask has a higher price than our other masks as it's made out of high performance materials, is connected to a tracking app, and comes with 4 free replaceable filters. A lot of development time and effort went into creating our smartest mask yet. We make sure all our products are made with commitment of quality all the way through material creation and production. INSERT ACTIVE+ ANIMATION VIDEO

Do you need to have your device with you to use the mask?     

You can wear the mask without having your phone with you, and sync later when you do. If you want to use the Active mode, you need to start it in the app on your phone. To get a full functionality of the app (such as sharing your location with the app or tracking your statistics) it's best to carry your device with you.

Is it waterproof?             

The Halo Sensor is IP64 liquid splash resistance-rated, meaning it can function under liquid splashing conditions. If you want to wash the mask jacquard outer shell, please remove Halo Sensor and filter first.

Does this mask have radiation?               

AIRPOP Smart Mask uses low-power Bluetooth technology, and its radiation value is much lower than that of Bluetooth headsets. After more than ten years of research, WHO has not found that the Bluetooth signal will cause any impact on the human body and please rest assured to use.

How do you get the Airpop app?             

Please go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for "AIRPOP" to download and install the app.

What should I do if the app doesn't connect to the mask?          

For first-time user, please remove the insulator on Halo's back cover and then link to APP. If that does not work, please open the back cover from the inside of the mask outer and take out battery and insert it again, check whether the LED light flashes. If there is no response, please replace a new battery. Secondly, please put the smart mask close to the phone, the closer the better. If the above operation still does not work, please try to switch the phone Bluetooth or restart the phone.

Please visit this link to read our Set-up Guide for Active+ Halo Smart:

Can the smart mask record and store data when the mobile phone is not around? How long can data be stored?         

AIRPOP Smart Mask can store data independently, so you don't need to carry your mobile phone when you wear it. You just turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and log in to the App to sync data. The Halo can retain breathing data information for up to 7 days. The data synchronized to the App will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. If a new mobile phone is replaced, the previous data can be synchronized from the cloud to the new mobile phone as long as the same account is used.

Why is the data not updated when I wear my smart mask / Why is the Halo Sensor light not lit instantly when I wear my smart mask?              

It takes Halo about 5-10 normal breaths to activate its algorithm. Wear the mask and breath as normal and a few breaths later the light will be lit and data will start be recorded.

What factors will affect the accuracy of recording breathing?   

Following factors play a role impacting the accuracy of the data we present via App:

 1. Gender, height, weight and age. 

 2. Ambient conditions. The normal working temperature range of Halo is -10-35. It is recommended not to apply severe temperature shock, like from very hot to very cold or vice versa, during wearing The range of temperature change during wearing is best controlled at + - 15

Please note that humidity above 85%-90% affects accuracy of breath counting

How to determine respiratory volume?              

The calculation of the volume of air breathed is based on the weight, gender and age as the basic input to calculate the volume of air breathed each time, and then add up one by one. So it's very important to input your weight, age and gender correctly